For Over forty years RGM Machining has stood for quality. As second generation owner-operators, Ken and Steve Guyott continue to provide their customers with the highest quality precision machining along with great customer service.


It is a business philosophy passed down from their father, Roger who began Roger’s General Machining in 1970. “We take the jobs that other Machine Shops don’t want”., says owner Ken Guyott.We don’t burden our customers with heavy piece minimums and are more than happy to work with each customer to meet their needs.


Whether it is prototype work or a 10,000 piece run that involves multi step machining, welding and fabrication with post assembly machining, RGM Machining is set up to do it all.

For over forty-four years, RGM Machining has strived to be on the leading edge of precision machining technology. Our Chicopee, MA machining facility utilizes the most advanced CNC multifunctional turning centers and verticle machining centers and this has allowed us to offer our customers the highest quality machined products available today.


Our investment in state of the art CNC milling and turning machines as well as our expertise in every facet of machining, lathe operations and more, keeps our services in constant demand. Our gun drilling/long hole drilling operations provides our clients with depth drilling not commonly found at other machining centers. Please visit our Gun Drilling Page for more information on this specialty services as well examples of parts, moulds, etc that utilize the deep hole drilling process.


As an added convenience to our clients RGM Maching has the ability to pick up and deliver in the greater New England region, thus saving our clients on extensive shipping costs that often accompany heavy metal parts.