RGM employs the latest technologies in our machining
operations. Our CNC Department, milling and turning,
meets the highest levels of accuracy and has the size
capacity to handle work that is 32” X 60”.  Our Manual Department can accommodate a work size of 50” X 130”.  Additionally, our Lathe Department can handle work up to 24” in diameter, depending on O.A.L. of work.

Our staff consists of highly skilled craftsman that have years

of experience in both machining and the latest technology and software applications.


RGM Machining has a diversified range of machining

capabilities, both CNC and Manual which allows us to better
serve our customers by performing both small quantity
runs as well as high quantity production projects.


For over forty years, Rogers General Machining RGM, has
developed a strong customer base built on integrity,
reliability and a strong commitment to customer service.


We invite you to contact us today to see how RGM can
offer our services in precision CNC Machining and Turning,
heavy metal welding and fabrication to provide your
company with a complete solution on your next project.

•  CNC Precision Milling and Turning  

•  Lathe Department   •  Long Hole Drilling  

•  Welding and Fabrication Department

•  3D Surfacing  •  Prototype Work  

•  Thermal Forms

Welding and Fabrication Services

RGM Machining offers welding and fabrication services, both in small quantity and large production runs to better serve our clients. Our capabilities include MIG, TIG and HELIARC welding, with no piece minimums.


We also offer high pressure PIPE WELDING and we work with all metals including: stainless stel, carbon steel, cast Iron, brassand aluminum. All machining after welding, fabrication and assembly is done right on site.


Need Prototype Work? No Problem! RGM’s skilled machinists can assist you with developing the exact part you need.

Long Hole Drilling

A RGM Maching Specialty that offers our customers a service not found at

many other Machine Shops.


Cost efficient for otherwise difficult drilling by conventional methods - excellent process for heating and cooling lines - accurate to .001 drift per foot.


After drilling, additional machining methods can further improve deep hole concentricity, straightness, surface finish, and more. These methods machine the inside surface of the hole, much like other external machining processes, and most can be performed on a deep hole drilling machine.